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Graphic Design &
Brand identity

Crafted engaging social media posts. Ensured brand consistency across online platforms. Managed content calendars and schedules. Developed brand identity personas. Created compelling presentation decks and conducted image editing and sourcing. 

Graphic Design | Branding | Website Design | Infographics | Illustrations
SEO | Merchandise | Copywriting | UI/UX


good deeds inspired

by data & design


Sowgoods, an educational non-profit, harnesses the captivating potential of infographics to create engaging and educational content. 

Intended to inspire awareness and action. Our shareable materials, accessible on social media, online platforms, and in classrooms, aim to foster a deeper comprehension of our impact on the environment and people. Cultivating a heightened awareness of our daily actions and the underlying motivations that drive them.

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Sowgoods icons are designed with versatility, adapting to a range of crucial topics. From biodiversity and agriculture to politics and energy, these icons mirror the evolving landscape of the issues we tackle. Each symbol tells a distinct story, contributing to our mission of establishing a visual language that resonates across diverse subjects.




A celebration of nature, offering a range of products inspired by the Earth's beauty. From earthy tones to nature-loving designs, each item is crafted to bring a touch of the outdoors to your daily life.

Colors + fonts


Our brand colors draw inspiration from the elements that surround us: sunlight, water, and earth. These elements can also be interpreted as symbols of energy, sustenance, and life.

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