As a novice to UI and UX design, I pursued the learning curve with an empathic approach as a designer and local customer.

My research is primarily based on qualitative data. I focused on designing a site that was equal in technical and creative proficiency. 

This prototype is a redesign for the Elliott Bay Book Company


The Design Problem:

As an online customer I struggled with the visual hierarchy and general site navigation.

• Drop down menus were confusing and difficult to follow. They slow down the user's intent on where to click. Lowering the quality of user engagement.

• Multiple buttons and links were either broken or

unnecessary to keep with site's content. 

(Original Site Design)

• The color scheme and background shapes lead eyes away from the navigation. The condensed bits of text take away time from an actual search of products leading to information overload.  

• The keyword search is too broad in spectrum 

leading to decision paralysis. SEO adjustments could also improve searches. 

The Solution:

Improve the main site navigation and overall layout by

simplifying current design and focusing on

products offered. 

• Redefine the aesthetics by sticking to new brand guidelines, create design system for future updates.

Improve CTA's by reorganizing content in navigation and simplifying search options within layout. 

Areas for Improvement:

For a proper redesign I'd prefer to have user research that includes customer feedback, clickstream analysis, and usability testing. 

(New Site Design)

The navigation is included at the top and bottom of page for quicker accessibility.  

The CTA of social media stream gives a peak at daily store activities even when customers can't visit.  

A combination of promotions, events and products gives current and future customers reasons to come back and join email list.  

The new layout has fewer breaks in shapes and colors. Being more selective of immediate promotions featured helps users focus on the most important content

Store contact details are repeated at top and bottom of page.

The page length has been kept relatively short compared to previous version to prevent decision fatigue.