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marketing + social content

Designed social media posts, maintained brand consistency online, managed calendars, built brand personas, created presentation decks, and handled image editing and sourcing.

Visions Espresso
Graphic Design | Packaging Design | Social Media Coordinator | Iconography
SEO | Campaign Concepts | Copywriting | Photography + Editing

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Campaign concept

‘The Local Spot’


@FuelCoffeeSeattle is the place to go if you’re looking for a local spot that will satisfy your coffee cravings and literary wonder.


In 2020, Danielle Hulton went on to collaborate with the previous owner giving all three locations a dramatic revamp. Clean and illustrative by theme, the walls and counters of the Capitol Hill Cafe are enhanced by a playful arrangement of geometric tiles and vibrant blue accents, giving an intergalactic dimension to

the minimalist space.


At each location, you’ll get lost in the hand-curated mini library. It’s near impossible to leave without buying at least a few books and you’ll be grabbing your second latte by the time you’ve picked them all out. A laid-back vibe, conveniently located.

It’s the perfect place to take a break from the city.


  • Neighborhood Spots: Capitol Hill - Montlake - Wallingford

  • Noteworthy: ‘Sip Sessions’ on Fridays - Free, open

       to the public, community classes on all things

       coffee and tea

  • Specialty Items - Specialty seasonal drinks including

       the ‘Mint Dream Sweet Cream’


#BrewYourBest #Seattlecoffee #localcoffeeshop #FuelCoffeeSeattle #cafelife #baristalife

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Social Media Marketing for cafe equipment_edited.jpg
Fuel Coffee Cafe, community outreach social media campaign
Fuel Coffee Cafe, community outreach social media campaign
Fuel Coffee Cafe, community outreach social media campaign
Fuel Coffee Cafe, community outreach social media campaign

Graphic Design | Social Media | Iconography
Promotional ads for U.S. National Distribution


Flight House
Mock Ups for Tik Tok + Insta
gram | Social Media Thumbnails | Logo Design | Game Concept


Segment concept


  • The segment is about sharing funny jokes between friends

  • Each guest takes turns reading a card similar to a phrase you would find in Cards Against Humanity

  • The guest sings a song and places the phrase at a specific part

  • TikTok video inspired  by @6.deadly.sins

  • (We pick the song and phrases) 


Segment concept


  • Steady As We Flow

  • Both players watch a music video

  • They have 15 - 30 seconds to learn the dance

  • Both players then perform the moves from memory,

       whoever choreographs closest to the actual moves, wins

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